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10Ten Feet Under V-Skip

size pz / bgs
4.8" 6 pcs

Equipped with a V-tail that can appeal by baitfish-like silhouette by firmly grasping and stirring water.

Produces a sound that is not too loud with no sinker and a bait that escapes with the appeal of splashes.

Depending on the image of the angler, such as swimming, lift & fall, bottom bumping and slur pulling by jig heads and Texas rigs, it is possible to produce baits such as fish and shrimp in various ranges depending on the image of the angler.

The V tail has a slit, and the tail action can be changed by cutting with scissors.

Please cut as needed while watching the action to your liking.

The hole in the center of the tail disperses the load on the tail when the slit is cut, and has the effect of making it difficult to tear.

Since the way of applying resistance during falling also changes before and after cutting, cut the slit if you want to move the tail with a lighter weight. If you want to move the water with a heavy weight, use it without cutting.

By adopting a half-ring shape on the back part, the texture of the bite is raised and the bite fish is hard to release the mouth, which also contributes to improving the hooking response.

By intentionally providing a step between the tail and the body, the action created by the V tail can be transmitted to the entire body more efficiently.