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10Ten Feet Under Head Bomb Original

size weight pz / bgs
14.5 cm 67.5 g 1 pcs

Skip the lure under that bush on the opposite bank ... The head bomb (H / B) is designed to concentrate the weight position at one point in front, so imagine it from the lure shape Impossible, outstanding flight stability and astounding long throw performance!
The center of gravity is designed not only to concentrate on the front but also as low as possible. As a result, we have obtained the strongest skipping performance unlike any other .
Because the center of gravity is concentrated in front, during lure retrieval, unnecessary head shake is suppressed, and a well-balanced swimming posture is maintained.
Shade tail of exquisite length and shape that is not too thick and not too thin that the developer Iyoken has repeatedly tried and tested.
The movement of the shad tail moves the water greatly by the wobbling by the retrieval , and the strong wave is generated without breaking the swimming, and the appeal is maximized .
The head bomb (H • B) uses a high buoyancy worm material to generate high buoyancy. Due to this characteristic, you can adjust the retrieve range widely according to the situation by operating the angler.
If you raise the rod tip and retrieve it, you can raise a large ripple on the water surface and pull it just below the surface of the water.If you lower the rod tip and retrieve it, you can appeal the water in the range up to about 2 m with strong waves. You.
There is a spot that can only be attacked with the head bomb, equipped with a message from the developer Iyoken
bomb on the head (head bomb) ", and there is a bus that can only be caught with the head bomb!
It is a head bomb (H ・ B) of 10FTU swimbait that is particular about non-solty and hand poward materials! ! Please
come and experience offensive swim baiting ! !