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TORAY Trout Real Fighter PolyesterCLEAR

TORAY Trout Real Fighter Polyester (200 m)

test 1.3 lb 1.6 lb 2.2 lb
Ø mm 0.090 0.104 0.117

Catching a clearer byte with lower elongation than Fluoro. Without power loss, tell the angler's approach directly. While achieving low elongation, it realizes stable supple. From the moment of rewinding Ideal reel familiar, adapt to shock by instantaneous byte or flip, Ideal hooking can be done. By steady strength design for each pattern, bullish drag setting makes it possible to approach up a notch. Specific gravity 1.38 covers the middle of nylon and fluoro and widens the range of attack. Natural color adoption which is difficult to give caution to fish in water conscious of extreme condition.