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TORAY Trout Real Fighter Nylon Super SoftCLEAR

TORAY Trout Real Fighter Nylon Super Soft 100 m

test 2.0 lb 2.5 lb 3.0 lb 3.5 lb
Ø mm 0.09 0.104 0.117 0.128
kg test 1,09 1.25 1.58 1.75

Unique high strength design enables a line up that can be upgraded to a small rank. Natural and moderate line tension is hard to give discomfort to prey even at hooking. It also reduces the balance with moderate flexibility, which is difficult to play even in instantaneous bytes! Ideal for fishing style of 'soft' which does not miss the naïve prey with natural movement. Adopted a natural color that makes it hard to give fish an awareness of extreme conditions in the water.