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VALKEIN Break Through Zero VergeBLUE

                        VALKEIN BREAK THROUGH ZERO VERGE

model pcs lenght action
60 ISS 2 6'0'' ft (175 cm) Solid Tip 
60 GL 2 6'0" (175 cm) Gran Light
61 L 2 6'1" (183 cm) Light
62 GL 2 6'0'' ft (188 cm) Gran Light
63 L 2 6'3'' ft (188 cm) Light

The possibility of entry model by the addition of 6 '0 ISS expressing the solid tip series to the new rod "breakthrough zero virgi" which adopted high end model action as it is and the ground light 6' 2 of our company's original taper Extended!

Break Through Zero-Verge 60 ISS - Arakawa Tsutomu's solid tip model 6'1 Is-SSL was designed to be easy to use even for beginners. Excellent compatibility with plugs, shortbite also flexibly catches in combination with low elongation lines.

Break Through Zero Verge 6'2 GL -  Adopted in the popular length type ground type that emphasizes operability. A little more blunks power than 6'0 GL, the best model for heavier lure operation and far-flung.

Break Throug Zero Verge 60 GL - Short-length ground light type that emphasizes operability. Cover from spooning to minnowing, bottom fishing.

Break Through Zero Verge 61 L - The main balancer type. The all-rounder type which can use a wide range of spooning cranking in the main.

Break Through Zero Verge 63 L - Long stance type that can attack a wide range. A model specialized for operability such as high weight spoons and deep cranks.